*New Role - Know your role | User permissions and access


There are 5 levels of users within Coconut Calendar’s Staff Management Tool;

  • Administrator
  • Manager
  • Staff Advanced
  • Staff Plus
  • Staff


Understanding the basics


  • An Administrator is the user with the highest level of unfiltered access. They have access and visibility to all location schedules, staff, clients and reports.
  • An Administrator can create any type of user, including other administrators.
  • An Administrator manages all decisions that impact the business and customer experience within the system.
  • A few examples of an Administrator: business owner/operator, receptionist, program manager.


  • A Manager is the individual responsible for location(s) and directly supports the front-line staff.
  • A Manager is limited to viewing the locations and staff they support. All reports, appointment details and client information is filtered to display what they need to know based on their assigned location(s).
  • A Manager can create new staff and manager users.
  • A few examples of a Manager: branch/store manager, district manager, area manager.

Staff Advanced

  • Staff Advanced can create and share appointments for themselves and other staff schedules at their assigned location(s).
  • Staff Advanced can create their own individual staff hours.

Staff Plus

  • Staff Plus can view schedules for active staff at their assigned location(s).
  • Staff Plus can create appointments and manage their own schedule and staff hours.


  • Staff can create appointments and manage their own schedule and staff hours.





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