Booking Shortcuts

Booking shortcuts can be created for staff, locations, service categories or services. If your business has multiple locations, send a direct link for one of those locations. If you offer multiple services, send a direct link for one of those services or a link to the entire service category for providing options to your client. Or if you have multiple staff, send a link that will only show availability for one of those staff members.  

Note: By default 'Staff' field is pre-filled with the name of staff member logged in currently.  


1) Booking Shortcuts can found on your Dashboard


2) Start typing the name of either the staff, location, service category or service and a dropdown will appear below. Select the name that you want to create a shortcut for. 


3) Once selected, this will create a unique link that will appear in the textbox. To copy the link click on the button, situated on the right side of the textbox:


4) Copy this link. Your client view will then only display the information for that shortcut. 


5) Note, that you can select either Service or Service Category to de accessible, not both at the same time. If you choose to provide a link to a particular service, enter service name in the corresponding field:


6) The link will open Date & Time screen with available hours for the service selected on your Booking Tool:


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