Questions | Adding a link

You can setup a link within a custom question.

Links are used by many businesses to reference Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policies or any external references.


This is what your customer will see




Let's setup a link:

  1. Login to Coconut Calendar 
  2. Click the Gear Icon (to the right of "manage")
  3. Company Settings
  4. Questions tab
  5. Add a new question
  6. Have your link ready and copy the following line of HTML code to your question text box: <a href="insert link" target="_blank">Terms & Conditions</a>
  1. You can make this question required so a customer cannot complete the booking process without agreeing to your Terms & Conditions.
  2. We suggest making this question a radio button.
  3. Add a line of text for the radio button so your customer knows what they are choosing. For example, "I agree" would work in this example.



(Note: You can change the order of your questions by clicking and dragging them in the list).


When you have saved your question, click on the "Online Booking" link to see your question live.



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