Create Your Own Set of Questions by Service Type

Ask the right questions so you can get to know your customer before their appointment begins.

The Custom Questions features allows the business to ask the customer additional questions from the Customer Booking Tool. Private questions are only available staff members internally on the Customer Appointment Window, and are not available for the customer to see.

Questions can be made optional or required for Customers to answer on the Customer Booking Tool (on the "Your Details" step) and for staff to answer on the Customer Appointment Window.


This feature will help you gather more information about your customer, leading to a better customer experience.


This is what Custom Questions can look like for your customers:



Read our Blog Post or follow the steps below.



  • 1.Login to your Coconut Calendar account
  • 2.Click the Gear Icon
  • 3.Choose “Questions” Tab
  • 4.Click “Create” to begin!


Creating Questions

As soon as you create a question and click “save”, it will appear live on the Online Booking Tool (customer booking tool).

  • 5.A new window will appear after you click “Create
  • 6.Type in your question
  • 7.If your question has a text field, you may want to add “Placeholder” text
  • 8. If your question is required, (not optional) check this box


  • Scroll through the selection of question types and click the one you want to apply.
  • Example: Text, Text Area, Select, Checkbox, Radio – these terms and definitions can be found on screen or below.

  • Click on the “Services” tab to assign your question to one or more services.
  • Please note: By default, if you do not assign specific service(s), the system will assign the question to all services.

  • For specific question types - Select, Checkbox or Radio, click on the “Options” tab to define your selection of options.
  • Please note: The “Options” header will appear blue, prompting you to complete that section.

View Customer Responses

  • Users (administrators, managers and staff) can view customer responses on the appointment details window from the schedule page.
  • If a customer is a walk-in/call-in and doesn’t book online themselves, you or your staff can capture these details with them from the appointment window.


  • Now that you have created your first question or set of questions, we recommend that you check out the Online Booking link to test out and view the new feature.

  • If you want to re-order your questions, simply click and drag on the question and place it in the order you would like it to appear.



We have created a new report for you to now view and track custom question results.


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