Walkthrough of the Customer Booking Tool (desktop and mobile)

The mobile view has a slightly different feel and approach, but still maintains the clean and easy steps from regular view. The controls to navigate through the mobile view are the arrows at the top of the mobile screen whereas the desktop view has the Next and Back buttons at the bottom. 

Step One: Location

The client chooses the location they would like to book an appointment at. If you offer multiple locations the client can search for the closest location in the search bar. With the new client view, the map is larger and once a location is selected it is indicated on the map with the contact information and business hours. If you have hidden your location from the Company Settings > Client View > Hide Location, this step will not show.

Step Two: Service

From there your client can then choose their service(s). If you have created categories they can be expanded or collapsed by clicking on the category.  When a service is selected the check box will be marked and the list of selected services will appear on the right. They can be deselected by clicking the x beside the service name on the left or by un-checking the service on the right.

Step Three: Staff & Time

The client will now choose their Staff & Time for their Service in the third step. The Staff and time schedules will show the first available appointment time for all staff who perform the selected service.  If the client prefers a specific staff person they can choose that person at the top, and the times will adjust accordingly. The selected staff person and service time will be highlighted in green.  If your client wants to advance the calendar to a specific date they can click the arrow buttons to the right of the available dates.

If your client doesn’t see a time they prefer available or if your schedule has been booked they can add themselves to the Waitlist, which in the upper right corner above the available times on the desktop version and is at the bottom of the screen on the mobile view.

Step Four: Client Details

After selecting the location, service, staff & time the client now will enter in their complete information to create their booking, this is the last step unless you have Credit Card Capture enabled.

Step Five: Credit Card Capture (Optional)

If you have Credit card capture enabled the client must enter valid Credit Card information before the process is completed and the appointment is booked.

Step 6: Confirmation

The client will receive a confirmation of their appointment booking with the confirmation number on the screen as well as via email.

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