Customer Waitlist

Businesses can enable the waitlist feature for their customers. 

If there isn’t a time that works for customers, they have the option to choose, "add me to waitlist" which will send a notification to the service provider.

Here's what your customers will see. 

This is how the Internal Staff View will look. The little inbox icon has been added, this is what will notify you that you have new additions to your waitlist. It functions similar to your email inbox.  When you click on the inbox icon the window opens and the bold text shows your new waitlist requests and the unbold shows they have been viewed.  Just click on the circle beside the request to view it.


Very important - if you want to use the waitlist feature, you have to turn it on! To do so:

  • Go to the Gear icon
  • Click on Company Settings
  • From there go to the Client View
  • Check off the Waitlist box
  • Submit

Voila! You have enabled your waitlist feature! It should look like this: 



Don’t forget: Once you’ve enabled the waitlist feature on your account, let your clients know! Post it on your Facebook, tweet it out, include it on your emails, add it to your service descriptions, most of all talk about it!

If you would like to receive an email anytime someone adds themselves to your waitlist below are the instructions.

Please Note: The Wait List feature activated for this notification to send.



You can pull a report and export it.


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