Group Appointments (Classes & Workshops)

Group appointments work differently than Client appointments. You must schedule them into your calendar to tell the public what date and time the course is taking place. You get to decide when it happens and how many people can attend.


Setup your Group Appointment:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Click Manage then Services
  3. Now choose More to edit or add a service.
  4. Once you fill in the appropriate information, you'll see a checkbox that says Group booking (check that box off).
  5. Go to your Schedule page and create a new appointment. You can either do that by clicking the green "Add" button or clicking on a time cell.
  6. A box will appear where you will enter the appointment information. Click on the "Service" dropdown and select your group service.
  7. Once you've entered all of your appointment information, you can go ahead and click "Save" at the bottom.
  8. Your group appointment should now appear on the schedule page. Attendees of your group appointment can either be added manually by a staff member or they can add themselves through the client view.

Add attendees manually

Once you've added your group appointment, it should appear as a purple box on the schedule page. Click on it to edit.

You can add a new client or use the auto-complete field to add existing clients as attendees.

Clients adding themselves

Once a client navigates to your client view (, they will be presented with a list of services you offer - one of them being the group service. Once they click that they will proceed through the normal process of booking an appointment.

Clients can only book one group service at a time - that's why the other services are greyed-out when you click on a group appointment.

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