Colour code my services?

Service based colour coding gives you the option to choose any colour you wish, and bring more meaning to your schedule. After all, it's your schedule, and you should enjoy looking at it.

When adding or modifying a service under the Manage section, you will notice a new option for setting the colour.


By default, we will use the existing colour scheme that you already know. To set the colour for the service uncheck the Use defaults option and click on the colour text field to the left of the checkbox. Choose your desired colour, and submit. It's that easy.


When you have an appointment on the schedule for that service, we will display it with the colour you chose. If you want to go back to having the default colours, simply edit the service and check the Use defaults option.

The colour you set will be applied to the event when the appointment status is set to confirmed. If the appointment status is set to complete or no show, we will use the current colours. Away events, such as personal, sick or vacation, will not change. If you wish to see the default colours, hold your cursor over the Use defaults option and a handy reference list will appear.


If you would like to use the same colour for multiple services, you can copy and paste the colour code from one service to another.

Happy colouring!

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