Set my daily limit?

Do you want to limit the number of clients you see in a day?  That is possible with the daily limits.  You can maintain your flexibility of clients being able to book whatever time they want, without worrying about having too many clients booked in one day. 

For example:

A massage therapist may only want to see 3 clients in one day, but still be able to have clients choose whichever service they want, and choose a time between 8am and 8pm. With a daily limit as soon as 3 appointments are booked that day is now no longer available for booking, no juggling of appointments or blocking out sections of time.

To set your daily limits:

1. Click on Manage.

2. Click on Staff.

3. Click on the black Edit button to the right of the staff member.  

4. In the window that opens click on the Daily Limit dropdown and set the number of appointments you would like to limit too. (The default setting is unlimited)

5. Scroll to the bottom and click Save.

Your daily limits are set. This daily limit will apply for that staff member for every day.

Daily limits will only affect the appointments being booked through the Client View. Once the limit has been met the day will no longer show available appointment times. On the administration side you can add as many personal and client appointments as you like.


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