Merge duplicate clients?

Messy client list? We can help clean that up! If you have multiple records for a single client, you can merge those records together into one and eliminate the extra clutter.

Under the Clients section, you will see a blue button for Merge. Click the button and a dialog will appear. This is where all the magic will happen.



Search for your client records by full name, same as you would when creating an appointment. When you choose a client the details will be populated in the form below. Make any necessary changes to the primary record, either by copy and pasting between the forms or you can copy all the values from the duplicate client form over to the primary client form using our handy 'Copy' button. Be warned, this will replace everything that is currently in the primary client form.





Alright, now that we have our primary client record updated to have all the relevant information, we are ready to merge. Click submit and your request will be sent off to our code minions. At this point the duplicate client record will be removed from the system and all appointments will be associated with the primary client record. Voilà, your records are now that much neater!

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