Add Instructions by Service to Customer Email Notifications

You have the ability to provide service specific information or instructions through appointment emails. This is great if there are best practices to include or perhaps conferencing details.

  1. Create a new service or edit an existing one to access this feature.
  2. Click Manage from the navigation bar, then click Services.
  3. From there, you can click Edit to modify the service and add your instructions.
  4. Website links and HTML are acceptable.



These instructions will be emailed out to your clients when an appointment is booked or changed, and when they receive a reminder. If a service has instructions, there will be a note beside the service name under the Appointment Details section. All instructions will appear below the Client Details section with a heading for what service the instructions apply to.




Include a global company-wide message that will appear on all email notifications:

  1. Click on the Gear Icon
  2. Select Company Settings from the dropdown
  3. Notifications tab: Review when emails are sent to customers and include your message in the text area under, "email content general" as seen below.


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