How to Set up Google Two-Way Sync

You can set up a two-way sync between Coconut Calendar and Google Calendar. This will show your Google Calendar events in your Coconut Calendar and vice versa.

Setup Instructions

1. Login to your Coconut Calendar account.

2. Click the gear icon and select My Profile 



3. Click on the "Sync" tab



4. Under the Two-Way Sync heading, click "Enable Google"



5. Choose your Google Account to sync with

If you're already logged in to a Google account, you will be taken to Step 6.

If you're not logged in, do so with your Google account



*If you're logged into multiple accounts, select which account you would like to sync with


6. Allow Coconut Calendar to access and manage your Google Calendar


7. Your calendar is now syncing


For the initial sync past appointments will not be included, as well this first sync may take up to 15 minutes before you see any changes. 

It may take up to 15 minutes for any changes or new events made in Google Calendar to appear in Coconut Calendar. However, we instantly push any Coconut Calendar updates to your Google Calendar.

All day events and reminders from Google will not appear in Coconut Calendar.

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